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  • Mar Baselios Civil Service Academy (MBCSA) Kothamangalam, Kochi, Kerala, India was started in the year 2023 upholding the motto,“ASPIRATIONS INTO ACHIEVEMENTS”, we offer a comprehensive foundation course that prepares any eligible students for the civil service examinations.

  • Mar Baselios Civil Service Academy operates in accordance with the guidelines and regulations set forth by the Indian government's Department of Personnel and Training for the Civil Services Examinations.

  • One of the distinguished attributes of our prestigious institution is we offers free coaching sessions and MBCSA provides its students with a unique opportunity to pursue their dreams without any financial constraints.

  • This initiative is a part of Mar Thoma Cheriyapally's mission to provide financial aid and scholarships to deserving and bright students.

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  • Civil services offer a wide range of career opportunities in various sectors like administration, defence engineering education, healthcare law foreign services and many more. Civil servants are responsible for implementing government policies and managing the day-to-day functioning of departments. The career prospects in civil services are quite promising as civil servants can rise up to the highest positions in the government hierarchy.

  • To pursue a career in civil services one needs to clear the civil services examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) in India. The exam is considered to be one of the toughest exams in the world and tests the candidates on various subjects like history, geography, economics, political science, general knowledge etc.

  • Apart from the UPSC, many state governments conduct their own civil services examinations for their respective states.

  • If you are looking for more information on civil services you can check out some of the online forums and communities dedicated to civil service aspirants. Also there are dedicated coaching institutes that can help you prepare for the civil services exam.


  • Mar Basil Group of Institutions are under the auspices of Mar Thoma Cheria Pally Kothamangalam which is a cradle of religious harmony and a renowned pilgrim centre in south india,at where ,thousands of devotees do come as a centre of asylum and rely on the intercession of Yeldho Mar Baselios Bhava who arrived at the said church at the age of 92 in 1685 and his mortal remains were entombed after his demise in the holy altar of this parish church on 2 october 1685.

  • Every year 2 & 3 october is being greatly celebrated in commemoration with the demise of St.Yeldho Bava in which lakhs of people from all walks of life irrespective of their caste and creed, participate heavely.The Mar Basil Group of Institutions was established in 1936 with the aim of providing quality education and healthcare services to the society.

  • All the Institutions are located in the small town of Kothamangalam in the Ernakulam district of Kerala. The Mar Basil Group of Institutions have transformed Kothamangalam into an education hub often referred to as the educational capital of Kerala.Mar Basil Group of Institutions began its journey in the field of higher education with the establishment of Mar Basil School in 1936 and was upgraded to Mar Basil Higher Secondary School in 1998.

  • Currently the group manages Mar Baselios Medical Mission Hospital, a 400-bedded multi-specialty hospital along with Mar Baselios School of Nursing, Mar Baselios Dental College; one of the top ranking self-financed Dental College with BDS & MDS programs, Mar Baselios College of Nursing with B.Sc. and St. Mary’s Public School at Karukadam, a higher secondary school recognized by the CBSE.

  • Mar Baselios Civil Service Academy is yet another institution under the Mar Basil Group of Institutions. This association gives us a sense of purpose and commitment that extends beyond the classroom.


Mar Baselios Civil Service Academy committed to nurturing bright young minds and shaping them into future leaders of India and creating highly value-driven individuals who can contribute to society in positive ways.


To become the top provider of civil service exam coaching and support in the country enabling every student to achieve his/her goal of serving their country through government service.

To offer innovative and effective teaching methods, resources and tools that cater to the specific needs and learning styles of every student fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

To empower young people from diverse backgrounds and communities to reach their academic and career potential by providing access to quality education and financial support.

To build a community of future civil servants and leaders who share a sense of purpose, commitment to excellence and ethical values that serve the common good.

To create partnerships with other organizations, institutions and stakeholders to enhance education, civic engagement and social impact.